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Servme’s Guestbook V2 Is Live! Here’s What This Means

Servme’s Guestbook V2 Is Live! Here’s What This Means



July 9, 2024

July 9, 2024

Your Guestbook is your lifeline. It’s where you find all the information about your guests so you can tailor their experience in-house and your online communications with them via email and SMS.

That’s why at Servme, we’ve been working on revamping the Guestbook experience to make it more intuitive.

After several months of work, we’re ready to release our Guestbook V2. In addition, we’re releasing two more features that will help you enhance guest segmentation, increase personalization, and transform your reporting.

Read on to learn more about our three new features designed with your restaurant and staff in mind.

Meet Guestbook V2 

Meet Guestbook V2 

Here’s what this new version of the guest book entails.

More opportunities to customize data and column views 

Before you could only Select certain guest details to view. Now, we’ve expanded this list, giving restaurant and marketing managers more control over guest information. For example, in the Guestbook V2, restaurant managers can view

  • When the profile was created

  • Total spent

  • Average spent

  • Whether the guest is a marketing opt-in (they’re a subscriber to your email or SMS campaigns or both)

  • The guest’s last visit

  • What company they work for

  • Their job title

  • Revenue per available seat hour (RevPASH)

servme guestbook

Merging duplicate profiles 

It’s not uncommon for restaurant or reservation managers to add guest information more than once. 

Now, you can say ‘goodbye’ to duplicates once and for all.

As part of the Guestbook V2 upgrade, users can now merge up to 4 profiles at once.

Flexible guest profile creation 

Besides merging duplicates, creating guest profiles just got easier. In the past, you needed to add phone numbers. But with this latest update, you can create guest profiles using email. Phone numbers are no longer mandatory.

Advanced filtering options 

Want to search for guests in your restaurant CRM? We’ve added more filtering options so you can find guest profiles faster.

Now you can look up guest profiles using filters such as last visit, spending information, reservation attendance status, guest tags, created by, and marketing opt-in.

For example, if you need to create a new marketing list based on spending information, you can use the filtering option to gauge the size of that list. 

Let’s say you want to see how many guests spend AED 2,000 or more each month. Use the advanced filtering options to set the amount (up to or over). You may find you have 100 guests who spend this amount each month at your restaurant. 

Use this information to tailor a marketing campaign to them. 

You can segment guests further by adding more filters. 

If you’re creating restaurant email marketing campaigns, consider using multiple filters to improve guest segmentation.

Transform marketing with dynamic list creation 

Transform marketing with dynamic list creation 

Your guest book isn’t just about creating profiles and adding data. It’s about using this data to create efficient restaurant marketing campaigns.

That’s why the ‘Dynamic marketing lists’ feature was born.

This new feature increases flexibility, customization, and offers more insights into your guests so you can create marketing lists and improve campaign targeting.

You can now create 2 types of marketing lists, dynamic and static marketing lists.

As its name suggests, the dynamic list automatically adds new people who fit the criteria for that list.

For example, let’s say you’re creating a marketing list for guests who 

  • Visit your restaurant at least twice per month

  • Spend over AED 200 during each visit

  • Come as part of a group of 3 or more

servme dynamic marketing lists

Any new guests whose behavior covers all 3 requirements will be automatically added to your dynamic list.

Let’s face it. There’s no point creating 1000 lists. Dynamic marketing lists save time and you don’t have to manually add people to current lists.

The other list type is called the Static list. This is usually used for one-time campaigns or lists you don’t want to be updated with new guests.

Let’s say you have a list of 100 guests who meet certain criteria and you don’t want to add more guests to this list. The Static lists allow you to do just that.

List editing and organization 

Besides being having dynamic lists, you can now have more control over your marketing lists with the ability to

  • Add, edit, and update filters

  • Export lists to excel for further analysis

  • Clone or Duplicate lists

  • Delete lists (if needed)

Gain more restaurant insights with enhanced Top Clients Reports 

Gain more restaurant insights with enhanced Top Clients Reports 

Reporting features are essential for restaurants so they can analyze guest behavior and uncover patterns.

As part of the Guestbook V2 revamp, we’ve made major changes to the Top Clients Report.

More ‘Top Clients’ 

In the past, you could create a ‘Top Clients Report’ of 100 people. This latest update to the guest book and top clients reports allows you to add up to 500 people.

This gives you a clearer view of your top guests and reduces the number of excel sheets and data you needed to generate.

In the Top Clients Report, you can use all the guest segmentation and filters available in the Guestbook V2.

servme top clients reports

Advanced sorting 

Besides increasing the number of people in your Top Clients Report, you can also sort them with advanced filters.

These advanced sorting options include

  • Arrivals

  • Spend per visit

  • Spend per person

  • Total spent

  • RevPASH

Using these sorting filters, you can create static and dynamic lists to increase personalization across your marketing campaigns.

Want to see these features in action?

Book a quick call to see how the Guestbook V2 transforms your in-house interactions with guests and your marketing campaigns. 

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