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SerVme’s Biggest Product Releases of 2023: A Year of Innovation and Enhanced User Experience

SerVme’s Biggest Product Releases of 2023: A Year of Innovation and Enhanced User Experience



December 12, 2023

December 12, 2023

2023 has been a remarkable year for SerVme, marked by the launch of several groundbreaking features that have transformed the way restaurants manage their operations and interact with guests. We want to thank you, our customers and partners, for your partnership. From introducing features like Auto Tagging to enhancing our POS integration, each update was designed with our users’ needs in mind. Let’s take a closer look at the features we rolled out this year.

Product features: Marketing

Auto Tagging

Auto-tagging, short for automated tagging, allows you to set up predefined rules, conditions, and attributes that are automatically added to your guest profiles.

Put simply, this new feature gets rid of old, traditional methods of manually adding tags to guest profiles. Instead of spending time and effort adding tags, you can focus on creating delightful dining experiences for your guests.

Direct Integration with Facebook and Instagram

This integration allows restaurants to add a “Reserve” or “Book Now” button on their social media pages, enhancing visibility and booking convenience. Adding reservation options to social media platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram, can go a long way into boosting your reservations.

Source of Bookings for Channel Optimization

Track reservations effectively under different contacts, accommodating various sources like concierges, assistants, or third-party booking apps like Facebook, Instagram, TripAdvisor, Google and more. 

Simplified Booking Cancellation via Email and SMS

Enhancing the guest experience with an easy, direct booking cancellation option within email and SMS notifications.

Editable Tags for Email Subject Lines

Customize your restaurant email subject lines with editable tags, including reservation names and dates, for more personalized communication.

Product features: Integrations

Product features: Integrations

Enhanced Integration with Simphony POS

Restaurants can now exchange data between SerVme and Simphony POS seamlessly. This allows restaurants and hotel F&B operators to track guest orders, preferences, allergies, and even pre-payments or deposits directly within the Simphony POS.

This integration not only personalizes the guest experience but also provides real-time updates on spending, enabling staff to view menu items ordered at each table and identify upselling opportunities.

Enhanced Integration for Multiple POS Systems

We’ve enhanced POS integration with features like link/unlink for various systems including IIKO, Tevalis, Micros 3700, Foodics, Squirrel, Omega, and more.

Product features: Payments

Product features: Payments

Payment Groups

This feature enables the creation of payment groups and the configuration of direct deposit and pre-authorization packages linked to specific shifts or events for streamlined payment management.

Split Payment with PayMob (Egypt Only)

In collaboration with PayMob, we’ve introduced Split Payment in Egypt, allowing guests to easily split the bill among their friends while tracking is streamlined on the dashboard. 

Product features: Events and Shifts

Product features: Events and Shifts

Redesigned Events Experience

Creating and managing events has become more intuitive with our Web App’s new functionalities, simplifying event management like never before. With SerVme, you can host an unlimited no of events, view all the reservations, link events to shifts, accept deposits so you don’t have to worry about cancellation, add auto-tagging to guests who attend events and view all the statistics. 

On the guest side, we’ve introduced a sleek, redesigned Widget for a more engaging and user-friendly reservation experience. Guests can view all the information about the events and shifts right on your Widget. The redesign aimed to make interactions smoother and more enjoyable for guests and operators, streamlining the reservation process like never before.

Additionally, we’ve also added multiple languages such as Portuguese and Spanish to our booking widget, catering to a diverse clientele.

Shift management

Shifts are the easiest way to manage your restaurant. Operators can effortlessly create both timed and indefinite shifts, activate payments, link special events to shifts, control your outlet’s capacity and more.

Product features: Operations

Product features: Operations

Managers’ Notes

Managing day-to-day activities in your restaurant can get repetitive. But with multiple events, especially in hotel restaurants, servers sometimes need a reminder about important events or a quick update when something new comes to light.

That’s where ‘Manager’s Notes’ comes in. Now restaurant managers can add notes for waiters and waitresses for specific days, events, or even guests.

Innovative Cover Flow

Introducing Cover Flow for a quick, visual snapshot of reservations, enhancing shift management and booking overview.

Re-imagined user experience for adding bookings

A revamped reservation details page on the web provides a more comprehensive and user-friendly experience.

Delete Reservation from the Dashboard

Super Admin and Admin users can now swiftly delete reservations directly from the Web Dashboard, enhancing administrative efficiency.

Export Report by ‘Booked By’

The new ‘Booked By’ field in reports captures the name of the user who added the booking, improving tracking and reporting.

Product features: Table Management and Floor plan

Next-gen floor plan editor

This new floorplan editor allows operators to completely customize the venue’s layout, including easily creating, amending, and setting up tables, objects, or sections. You can also easily merge tables for large parties, with automatic capacity adjustments and improved seating arrangements. With SerVme’s Android application, you can now allow the movement and rotation of tables on the tablet, offering enhanced floor plan flexibility.

Table Combinations

Facilitates the combination of tables to accommodate different party sizes, enhancing the flexibility of seating arrangements.

Resolving Table Conflicts

Quickly resolve table conflicts with options to hold or release future bookings, enhancing operational efficiency.

The Grid Layout

This layout quickly shows reservation gaps and conflicts, optimizing table turnover and seating arrangements during busy operations.

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