New Feature: Ensure Smooth Restaurant Operations with SerVme’s Manager’s Notes

New Feature: Ensure Smooth Restaurant Operations with SerVme’s Manager’s Notes



November 3, 2023

November 3, 2023

One of our most requested features is live on SerVme! Meet ‘Manager’s Notes.’

Managing day-to-day activities in your restaurant can get repetitive. But with multiple events, especially in hotel restaurants, servers sometimes need a reminder about important events or a quick update when something new comes to light.

That’s where ‘Manager’s Notes’ comes in. Now restaurant managers can add notes for waiters and waitresses for specific days, events, or even guests.

Here’s all you need to know about the Manager’s Notes feature.

What is ‘Manager’s Notes?’

Manager’s Notes is a powerful feature that helps restaurant managers and supervisors communicate effectively with their staff.

Using Manager’s Notes, restaurant managers can create and schedule important notes and information for their team.

The result? Smoother operations.

In addition, all Manager’s Notes are saved in the system. Servers can review old notes at any time.

Why use ‘Manager’s Notes?’

When we created the Manager’s Notes feature, we had a few things we wanted to help restaurants with:

As a result, restaurants are likely to see cost savings due to improved efficiency.

How to use ‘Manager’s Notes’

Restaurant managers can add notes for the whole day or for a specific time in the day. They can also create notes and have them on repeat for several days.

Here are a few more ways restaurant managers can use the new notes feature:

  • Restaurant managers can schedule notes in advance. All they have to do is select a date or time in the future.

  • If the end date is different from the start date, the Manager’s Note will remain active/open until the end date.

  • Managers can create notes via mobile.

Use cases and tips on how to use ‘Manager’s Notes’

The Manager’s Notes feature is one of the most requested features by hotel restaurant managers.

The following are some ideas on how restaurant managers can use ‘Manager’s Notes,’ but you can get creative with these notes.

Use case 1: Improve and speed up operations

Let’s say you have brunch Monday through Friday. The restaurant manager wants to remind servers of specific instructions. They can create a note in SerVme and select the start date and end date along with a start time and end time for the note.

Alternatively, if they want to create a note specifically for Monday, the start and end date for the note will be the same.

Use Case 2: Reservation Management

Restaurants serve different meals during the day and host multiple events during the week and month. To do so, restaurant managers juggle various operations simultaneously. 

From managing reservations and walk-ins to ensuring guests are satisfied, to having servers clear tables fast for the next guests.

Often restaurants will reach their maximum capacity just as the event or meal is starting. Managers need to notify their reservations agent or servers that they cannot take any more reservations for that meal.

Using the Manager’s Notes feature, the restaurant manager can create a note informing servers not to take more reservations or walk-ins for brunch. (Or any other meal.)

They may also do so hours before the meal begins if they find they’re fully booked.

Use Case 3: Waitlist management for specific events

Many restaurants create and manage dining events on a daily and weekly basis. These events often require reservations.

Restaurants using a reservation management system like SerVme can also see if they have a waitlist for a specific event.

In the event of no-shows or cancellations, managers can use the Manager’s Notes feature to notify reservation agents of their available tables. They can ask them to add guests from the waitlist and invite walk-ins.

Use case 4: Create better experiences for VIP guests  

Use the Manager’s Notes feature to inform your staff of VIP guests coming to your restaurant on a specific day. 

Make sure staff provide a personalized guest experience by taking care of their needs and offering food and beverage suggestions.

How to get started

Getting started with the Manager Notes Feature is simple:

  • Ensure you have an active SerVme subscription, then log in. 

  • Once you’re logged in head on over to the Navbar on the left-hand side and you will see the option to add a Manager’s Note. 

Try Manager’s Notes in SerVme.

Not using SerVme? Book a quick demo to learn more about how to use Manager’s Notes in your restaurant.

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