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How to Make the Most of SerVme’s Restaurant Table Management Software

How to Make the Most of SerVme’s Restaurant Table Management Software



November 9, 2023

November 9, 2023

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you see or hear ‘restaurant table management software?’

You may think it’s simple software that helps you book and reserve tables at a restaurant. and you’d only be half-right.

Though the name indicates managing and reserving tables, it’s much more than that. Restaurant table management software helps restaurant managers, reservation agents, and F&B managers and directors manage…the entire restaurant!

Yes. Table management software isn’t limited to managing tables and reservations. Not anymore. Modern seating and table management systems encompass dozens of restaurant operations.

From server shifts and covers flow to restaurant marketing automation options, to booking special events and meals, to much more.

SerVme is a restaurant table management system that helps restaurants manage multiple operations from a single dashboard.

In this article, we’ll show you how you can make the most of SerVme’s table and seating management software.

Why is table management software important?

Why is table management software important?

Whether you call it table management software, restaurant seating software, reservation management software or system, or something similar, it’s all the same thing.

So, how can you use SerVme’s restaurant management software?

Here are a few–we mean more than 10–ways to use it.

1. Manage table turnover

As the name suggests, restaurant table management systems help servers and restaurant managers manage and improve table turnover.

Every restaurant has a maximum capacity. But as guests finish their meal and leave, new guests arrive. Hence, table turnover. An increase in the rate of table turnover means more revenues and profits.

Seating management software, like SerVme, gives restaurant managers an overview of every table and its status inside the restaurant.

How many guests occupy each table? When did they arrive? Which dishes and beverages have they ordered? And so on.

It helps restaurant managers and reservation agents manage their waitlist and walk-in guests and assign servers where they’re needed most.

2. Efficiently design your restaurant’s floor plan

SerVme’s restaurant table management software comes with floor planning design. This means you can create your restaurant’s floor plan, arrange your dining area, your waiting area and so on.

Table management software helps you create flow in your restaurant so your servers can move easily from the kitchen to the tables and back.

It also ensures you create enough room for your guests to move from the entrance to their table of choice, to the restrooms,…etc.

In addition, if you host events like bands or special shows, a floor plan helps you set up a stage or space for your shows so your guests can see the band playing wherever they’re seated.

3. Merge and combine tables + accommodate large groups 

Another main reason restaurants use table management software is to merge and combine tables to accommodate reservations, waitlists, and walk-in guests. Combining tables also helps with accommodating larger groups. 

For example, if you have a reservation of 10 guests arriving at 8 pm, you’ll need to merge and combine tables to accommodate this group without hurting flow and movement in your restaurant.

This feature is especially useful with restaurants that host corporate lunches and dinners and where groups of friends like to visit. It also works with family-friendly locations, where family members enjoy dining out together. 

4. Generate restaurant management reports

Part of managing the daily activities of a restaurant is generating daily reports. With SerVme, you can automate the process and decide which elements you want to add to your daily restaurant management system report.

If you manage multiple branches or venues, you can also compare metrics on venue level.

5. Increase restaurant revenues 

Part of table management software is reservation management. This means you can review and manage reservations for the whole week and month from your SerVme dashboard.

One way to increase restaurant sales and revenues is to increase reservations.

Reservation management software like SerVme helps you collect deposits and reservation fees to reduce cancellations and no-shows. This means more confirmed guests, fewer cancellations, and an increase in your revenues. 

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6. Measure analytics for better decision-making

One of the main reasons for the success of fine-dining restaurants is the use of restaurant analytics.

Analytics such as average check per table, revenue per available seat hour (REVPASH), and others help F&B managers forecast revenues.

Not only does measuring customer analytics in your restaurant help you make decisions but also helps you improve guest experiences.

7. Get reservations from various sources

Reservations don’t have to come from guests calling your restaurant or visiting your website. 

With SerVme, you can be where your guests are. This means getting reservations from various sources such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google Reserve, along with third-party sites like Tripadvisor.

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8. Better guest experience management 

Sometimes referred to as guest experience management software, table and seating systems help restaurants create better experiences. This is mainly through a combination of floor planning, great floor, and an ambience that creates a memorable dining experience.

Using restaurant table management software like SerVme, you can also send guest surveys as soon as guests pay the bill. This helps you get instant feedback of the day’s operations, overall preparedness and more.

Using guest experience management software ensures your service is always top-notch and your guests are happy.

Having happy guests means they’re more likely to become loyal and keep coming back. This means more opportunities for repeat business and higher revenues.  

9. Create and manage events 

Want to increase revenues, walk-ins, and reservations? Then consider creating seasonal events to entice guests. Whether it’s a pianist playing music while guests dine or a seasonal event like Halloween or Valentine’s Day, there are tons of opportunities for restaurants.

For limited-time events, you can take reservations using SerVme’s table management system, arrange seatings, and create the perfect dining ambience.

Use the SerVme widget to highlight your upcoming events for your guests and have them book tables at the events of their choice.

10. Secure in-advance payments to reduce no-shows and cancellations from multiple sources 

One of the biggest problems for restaurants that offer reservations is the no-shows and last-minute cancellations.

But with table management software like SerVme, you can collect payment in advance either as a pre-authorization fee or deposit. You can enable the deposits on a shift level during your peak days or hours such as weekends or dinner time, or just during special events like New Year’s Eve. 

For example, SerVme integrates with Network International (NI) in the UAE to help restaurants secure advance deposits or pre-authorization fees. 

In addition, SerVme makes it easier to collect deposits from any place where guests can book a table. You can collect deposits for table bookings via your website using the reservation widget. You can also get bookings via Google Reserve, social media platforms, and third-party sources like Tripadvisor, among others. 

11. Automate your marketing efforts with SerVme’s marketing platform 

A major perk of using SerVme’s table management software is managing various marketing activities from within the SerVme dashboard.

SerVme offers restaurants a complete email marketing and SMS marketing tool. So, whether you want to send email flyers, create a newsletter, or automate email marketing campaigns for your restaurant, we’ve got you covered. 

Want to automate booking confirmations via SMS? SerVme lets you do that. Regardless of where you are in the world.

Did a guest cancel their reservation? You can manage the entire reservation, cancellation, and confirmation messaging process using automated SMS messages from within SerVme.

How you use SerVme’s email and SMS features is up to you. But since we’re starting winter, here’s an idea.

You can use SerVme to add tags based on your guests’ preferences. For example, you can send an email or SMS to guests who prefer sitting in the outdoor section of your venue when the autumn and winter seasons begin.

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You can use SerVme to create ultra-personalized digital experiences such as birthday notifications and offers, engagement and re-engagement campaigns, and more. All from within your restaurant’s table management system.

12. Collect guest feedback and collate onto guest profiles 

Besides managing various marketing efforts and campaigns, restaurant seating management systems like SerVme help you manage guest feedback.

You can create quick single-question guest feedback surveys and automate sending them once guests pay a bill at your restaurant.

You can also set up alerts for when guests leave reviews of 3 stars or less after a dining experience.

Guest reviews and feedback not only ensure you remain at the top of your game but also help you uncover nuisances at any of your locations, fast.  

SerVme’s table booking software comes with a complete restaurant and guest CRM. This means each of your guests has a profile. Each review and rating is added to the guest profile after the guest completes the survey.

This means, that if a guest leaves a low-star review, you can ensure a better dining experience during their next visit.

Ready to try SerVme and transform your restaurant? Book a free demo or sign up to learn more.

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