Take a sneak peek into Servme’s new iOS app.

Take a Sneak Peek into Servme’s new iOS app for iPhone and iPad

Take a Sneak Peek into Servme’s new iOS app for iPhone and iPad



May 7, 2024

May 7, 2024

Servme ios app for table management
Servme ios app for table management

When we first set out to build new SerVme app, we asked ourselves "How can we help restaurants and F&B groups grow? What would the perfect app look like?”

The answer was “a comprehensive, feature-rich app with a beautiful user experience and journey. An app that’s intuitive, sleek, easy-to-use, and always accessible.”

We wanted to build something that would help our users achieve their daily goals, and targets. Something they would love to use every day. An app they can use from anywhere.

Since we launched Servme in 2017, our goal has been, and continues to be, enriching the restaurant experience for both our users and their guests.

With that goal and mission in mind, we’re proud to unveil a product we’ve been working on for some time.

Take a sneak peek at the revamped SerVme iPhone app!

Managing a restaurant business, chain, or group of venues means you need to be able to access SerVme’s restaurant reservation management software wherever you are.

For years, we’ve supported Android devices and mobile phones.

Today, we’re ready to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the revamped iPhone app for SerVme.

But that’s not all!

We’re also working on developing the new iPad app. Here’s a quick look on how it looks.

Restaurant and marketing managers can now access SerVme’s reservation and table management software from their iPads and iPhone, along with any Android devices.

Everything is in sync. Everywhere. All the time.

Here’s what you can do with SerVme’s iPhone and iPad apps

  • Manage bookings with fewer clicks

  • View your venue’s floor plan and switch between floor plan list view and grid view

  • See a breakdown of bookings sorted by date, time, auto-tags, booking source, among other criteria

  • Assign, change, and cancel reservations

  • Add and edit guest profiles with ease

  • View the entire guest profile to ensure personalized guest experiences

Plus, we’re working on adding more features to ensure the iOS experience is fully functional.

  • Easily-accessible detailed guest analytics so you can review and understand guest behavior

  • Ability to generate sales reports and choose relevant filters

When do we expect to have the iPad and iPhone apps ready?

They’re currently in beta testing. However, You can get a full sneak peek of our new iOS and iPad app with our product specialist. Book a time here and give us your input.

The iOS app for iPhone is set to go live by the end of June 2024, while the iPad app is scheduled for some time in Q3.

Stay tuned! 

With this launch, SerVme is now available on all Android and iOS devices.

At SerVme, we want to help F&B and entertainment businesses and chains make the most of their SerVme experience.

Your success is our success. We want to help you grow your revenues, increase guest retention, and lead the way in F&B in your country, region, and the world.

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