How to Engage with Your Customers During Coronavirus Outbreak

How to Engage with Your Customers During Coronavirus Outbreak



March 30, 2020

March 30, 2020

In such uncertain times and with the impact of the COVID-19 global healthcare crisis, marketing may not be on top of your priority list. We think otherwise. We believe it is essential to proactively market and engage with your customers to keep your restaurant alive. Yet, restaurant marketing can sound daunting and complicated. Managing multiple third-party channels, guest data from different systems, engaging with customers, and tracking the conversions of campaigns can be time-consuming and challenging. To help you get over this hurdle, we have assembled a few tips on how to best communicate with your guests.

Start Online Cooking Classes

If your customers can’t come to you, go to them! Exploring an online cooking class is not only a fun idea that some restaurants are adapting, but it is a very engaging one. Let your guests know that you are offering online cooking classes so they can participate in cooking your restaurant’s favorite and popular unique dishes. Connect with your audience and grow your customer base, so that when you reopen your restaurant, more guests will be enticed to try your meals in a dine-in setting. You can also charge a small fee to your customers willing to partake in these classes! A side tip: if you want your online customers to enjoy your classes and increase the engagement, you can throw competition in every class to choose the best chef and give them a fun and appreciative prize! The price may be a special discount, a meal voucher for two, or taking part in their kitchen lab once the venue reopens! Try it. Your guest will love it! 

Start Selling Prepackaged Ingredients

Another enjoyable way to get your customers to not only order from your restaurant is by giving them the satisfaction of cooking at home! Create a package with the specific ingredients of the meals and instructions with the exact portions so customers can pre-order and enjoy cooking from the comfort of their homes. We all know the inconvenience of visiting your local supermarket to buy those specific ingredients that may not be available at the store. This also goes hand-in-hand with encouraging your customers to register or take part in your online cooking courses.

“Cook with Your Kids” Campaign

With children tied up at home, fewer activity choices are available to keep them engaged. We understand parents’ worry to keep their kids interested and amused in times where they are always locked up at home. We recommend hosting fun, unique, and short videos under the theme of “Cooking with Your Kids” to involve the children and parents in an entertaining cook-off event. It is proven that cooking with children increase language development, enhances fine motor skills, and increases focus and attention skills. Kids will have a great time experiencing a fun event with their parents, and you will have an increased level of the audience, social media followers, and more importantly, potentially selling more prepackaged ingredients or ready-made meals. 

Let Your Customers Know You’re Delivering

To increase revenue streams when dine-in venues are closed for the unforeseeable future, restaurants have moved towards online delivery channels. It could be a good idea to get on the bandwagon. Our customers utilize our automated marketing platform to send SMS and emails to their guests, communicating delivery options, menu changes, and/or other helpful tips! 

Create an Online Community to Share Tips

Another great way to connect with your customers is by building an online community to share various tips on cooking a dish, creatively serving it, sanitizing properly, and even discussing the nutritional value behind the meals. Don’t be shy to create a blog section or featured articles on your website and invite your readers to read, share, and comment about your pieces. Your customers will appreciate your insights and will be coming back for more!

Offer Gift Vouchers and Promotions

Sell gift vouchers that guests can immediately purchase online or gift to someone special. Your customers will appreciate promotions or special discounts provided to them. To broadcast the message to your customers, send an SMS/email campaigns and use social media to keep your audience informed.

Keep Your Customers Updated

One of the key benefits of SMS and Email marketing is personalizing communication. You may think that it will require a lot of work addressing every customer by their names, when in fact, marketing platforms such as serVme, enable you to choose the fields easily and ready-made templates and customize the campaign.Another easy and affordable way of engaging with your customers is by social media. Keep your customers informed by building interesting and short stories on Instagram, and posting appealing facts on Facebook related to your menu items and restaurant. Create a series of Q&As, competitions, healthy tips, and even live cooking. Who knows, maybe your customers will inspire your future ideas!We know that engaging with your customers is always important. Today, you need to think outside the box and resort to creative marketing ideas that will build your online audience, increase revenues, and build a brand. Try adopting these simple and engaging techniques and let us know how well they appeal to your wonderful customers!If you have any questions or ideas that you would like us to write about or discuss, feel free to drop us a note at Happy to hear your thoughts! To learn more about serVme’s products and services for your restaurant needs including automated SMS/Email marketing and guest engagement, please request a demo from our website or drop us an email here From our family to yours, keep safe.

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