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Track the marketing analytics from open rate, bounce back rates, and other valuable metrics for launching campaigns!

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Filter your audience list using segments that are relevant to the campaign event you wish to launch! Select and further segment your audience list to target specific samples of your audience.


You don’t have to be an expert to a campaign! Your Marketing Manager can easily create and schedule targeted SMS and/or Email campaigns directly from serVme’s marketing platform to ignite guest footfall for any promotional event.


Track the performance of all campaigns by understanding the click through rate (CTR), open rate, bounce back, conversion rate, and other metrics. serVme’s built in marketing platform guarantees minimal bounce back rates, reduces marketing costs, and increasing the life-time value of the guest.

client segmentation and marketing automation


Engage with customers via social mediums by tapping into data that helps identify your target audience and reach them in a more effective manner. Connect with guests based upon their preferences, habits, and more.

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Why Hospitality Operators Choose serVme?

Control Guest Data

No need to share your guest data with third-party agencies and providers to blast your audience.

Increase ROI

Schedule campaigns and measure the increase of guest footfall and spending via the platform.

Easy to Use Marketing

Running campaigns has never been easier. No need to upload and clean data. We’ll do all the work and allow you to easily filter with few clicks!

Discover the Ultimate Hospitality Tool